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On your website, seamlessly display available Commercial Real Estate Listings from your area with the eSpaceListings Property Link Tool :

With the eSpaceListings Property Link Tool, you can now display available industrial properties, Commercial Real Estate, retail properties, available land, R&D facilities and labs, and farms on your web site without any input from you or your staff. Commercial Real Estate Listings are posted and updated by Landlords and Brokers on eSpaceListings and synchronized to be displayed within an IFRAME or a portal on your web site. eSpaceListings can provide you with multiple, easy and seamless solutions for managing your Commercial Real Estate listings on your own website.


Programming rates for integration: $1,500

Annual license fee: .0175$ per resident of the covered area.

There are many other tools available for managing your website. Contact us at 514-636-1500 to schedule a demonstration.

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The power of Commercial Real Estate vacancies is in your hands:

Further to displaying commercial listings on your web, you can add your own listings or listings from smaller Landlords and Brokers not member at eSpaceListings. You can also choose to remove certain listings by Brokers or Landlords from your web site with a simple click on a check box. You have the power to pick and choose what commercial listings will be posted on your web site.


Auto Generated Flyers :

Tired of manualy generating flyers?
Are you seeking an easy and cost-efficient way to showcase Commercial Real Estate vacancies to potential new or existing prospects?
Thanks to the power of eSpaceListings’ synchronized database technology, your branded flyers are created on demand only when requested. The information is taken from the database and is always up-to-date.
  • Never do another flyer again
  • Let us do the flyers for you, automatically by using the ?Auto-Generated? flyer option
  • Up-to-date information means you’re prepared at the time that your target market is requesting the information
eSpaceListings’ Auto-Generated flyers are produced in PDF format with the simple click of a button and are easily printed or emailed! Put the POWER of eSpaceListings cross-synchronized database technology to work for you.
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Generic flyers: Bilingual and configured for all categories of buildings:

Programming fee: $2,250

Annual license fee: $300


Second flyer in another language, programming rates: $650

NB: The flyers are for any buildings in your area.


Goods and services directory for the real estate industry

Basically a friendlier and move refined version of the yellow pages. Find services and goods, specific to the Commercial Real Estate community in over 70 categories within your area.


Landlords, Managers and Commercial Real Estate Brokers Directory

Showcase your company OR YOURSELF within this directly; show your best with complete profile page, recommendations, interesting projects, completed transactions and links to your available commercial properties on eSpaceListings.


Jobs in Commercial Real Estate

Looking for that someone special to complete your staffing requirements. Post your requirements here for experienced Commercial Real Estate personal.

Tools and Features on the way

These are some of the new directories we are working on at the moment. They will be on line and operational in the late fall to winter 2015 All related to Commercial Real Estate.


New Projects Section

Something new coming your way that you would love to showcase, this is the place to do it.


Monthly Updates

Tired of entering your vacancies in so many different web sites including your own, let us do the updates for you. We'll send you on a monthly basis your vacancy list and you send us back an updated list, we then update all required listing services web sites. Call to or write to schedule a demonstration at 514-636-1500 or email at

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